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Infrared photography is possible by modifying cameras to block certain forms of light and letting in others including infrared light. When IR images are converted to black and white I think the result is unique. To my eye IR black and white produces imagery that has more visual interest than traditional black & white images.

To inquire about any of my infrared images in Montana, Utah western National Parks or other locations please contact me by selecting the Contact Information above, call / text 435-703-4569, or e-mail [email protected]
Age of Innocence | Central MontanaA Slice of Quiet | Gallatin National Forest, MontanaRest in Peace | Central MontanaBristle Cone #1 | Southern UtahJust Breathe | Red Rocks Lakes, MontanaAberrant | Beaver Dam Wash, UtahCharlie & the Man on the Moon | Southern UtahBeauty in Destruction | Gallatin Canyon, MontanaBloomin | Beaver Dam Wash, UtahPrairie Church #3 | Melville, MontanaWalkin Down a Country Road | Geraldine, MontanaThe Winding Road | Belgrade, MontanaA Safe Place | Belgrade, MontanaIlluminating | Geraldine, MontanaTamarisk Trunks | Gunlock, Utah

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